Markets & Products

CC-100 A Clean-Running, Bio-Resistant, Micro Emulsion designed for machining of all metals. Best used in general purpose machining where long sump life and excellent tool life is a need.
S-1500 A Heavy-Duty, Bio-Resistant, Micro Emulsion formulated for the most difficult of machining applications. Good for all metals including aluminum.
A Heavy-Duty, Semi-Synthetic designed to out-perform high oil content water soluble oils for all metals. Works extremely well in aluminum.
A Heavy-Duty Semi-Synthetic designed for high performance machining of aluminums and exotic metals equally well. This product outperforms other high end semi-sythetics and vegetable based coolants.
A Medium-Duty Oil Rejecting Synthetic Coolant formulated for the machining of all ferrous metals and alloys.
A Heavy-Duty Oil Rejecting Synthetic Coolant formulated for machining all ferrous metals and alloys.

622 A Medium-Duty True Synthetic designed for a wide range of forming applications.
620 A Heavy-Duty True Synthetic designed for medium to severe forming applications.
A Heavy-Duty True Synthetic formulated to handle the most severe forming applications.
A new chemistry in Reverse Emulsion Synthetic Fluid formulated for the most difficult applications.
400 A high performance, extreme duty water soluble oil designed for superior wet and coat that can withstand the most severe of forming applications usually reserved for straight oil. It also maintains great wash off characteristics.
700 A versatile water soluble oil to be used for light to medium stamping. It can be used in applications from blank washing up to difficult automotive parts.Superior wash off characteristics.

HD-100 A Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate formulated to chemically emulsify anything organic such as grease, oil, ink, coolants etc.
X-Kleen A Surfactant Based Acqueous Floor Cleaner formulated to remove the toughest oils, greases and other difficult to clean floor soils.

An Inhibited, Alkaline Liquid Detergent designed to be used in high-pressure spray wash cabinets and conveyer systems for difficult cleaning applications where foam is an issue.
SW-100 A Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate designed to chemically emulsify anything just like HD-100, but is a no-foam product.