Not Your Ordinary Fluid Supplier

We've been serving the metalworking industry for more than 50 years. Unlike other fluid manufacturers, we are the only company that starts every day with this goal:

To show manufacturers how to realize savings with REDUCE, RECLAIM, SUSTAIN.

If we can't show you ways to reduce your fluid use, we don't deserve your business.

How We Do It

  • Show you where your company can save.
  • Stop the cycle – and expense – of endless, wasteful fluid removal.
  • Help your company reduce, reclaim and sustain.
  • Improve operational efficiency with measurable results.
  • Minimize human error and safety concerns.
  • Become your greatest cost-savings asset.
  • Provide training and ongoing service.

Call one of our experts right now. No answering service or third party representatives, just the real deal.